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Psychoeducational Assessments

cognitive therapy

Psychoeducational assessments are conducted to better understand a child’s academic strengths and weaknesses. We use a variety of psychological tests to evaluate academic achievement, thinking and reasoning abilities, memory and attention. We also may evaluate a child’s behaviour and/or social and emotional functioning. Our comprehensive psycho-educational assessments provide detailed recommendations and practical strategies designed to help your child improve his or her academic performance. Our reports also help parents obtain support from school, doctors, and eliglble sources of funding, such as the Disability Tax Credit.

Forensic Assessments

forensic assessments

Forensic assessments are structured evaluations that assist in answering a specific legal question. In criminal cases they are used to provide the Court, defense or Crown counsel with a sense of an individual’s state of mind at the time of the offense, the individual’s level of risk for future violence or other criminal behaviour, and/or what services are needed to reduce the individual’s risk for future violence or criminal behaviour. In civil cases, Psychological Independent Medical Examinations (IME)s are comprehensive, objective psychological evaluations that assist in determing causality as well as the inidividual's impairment, pronosis, and work capacity.

Personality, Behaviour and Diagnostic Assessments

personality assesment

Personality, behaviour and diagnostic assessments explore various aspects of an individual’s functioning. These assessments are useful in formulating a diagnosis and guiding treatment. They can also help identify barriers to progress and assist in developing an intervention plan best suited to the individual and his or her situation.