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Forensic Consultation

forensic consultation

Forensic consultation services pertain to legal matters and can provide helpful insight or other specialized information to support a client’s potential litigation activities. I provide consultation services to legal professionals in the community, including defense and prosecuting attorneys, probation, parole, correctional and police personnel.


Forensic Mental Health Assessments

forensic mental heath

Forensic mental health assessments are structured evaluations that assist in answering a specific legal question. In criminal cases they are used to provide the Court, defense or Crown counsel with a sense of an individual’s state of mind at the time of the offense, what the individual’s risk for future violence or other criminal behaviour is, or what services are needed to reduce the individual’s risk for future violence or criminal behaviour.

Violence and Risk Assessments

risk assessment

Risk assessments are specialized psychological assessments that estimate the likelihood an individual will engage in future violent, criminal or unwanted sexual behaviour. Information is gathered relating to historical, social, and contextual risk factors known to be related to the high-risk behaviour being evaluated through the use of interviews, psychological tests, and by gathering information from collateral sources. Often this type of assessment is incorporated into a more comprehensive psychological evaluation.